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Penetrates to the Origins of Economic Growth in Profoundly New Ways
Business Innovation Economics
It’s intuitive to most people that innovation drives economic growth. Yet the algebraic link between R&D and GDP remains conjectural within Economics, despite decades of academic effort. One problem is that there is very little data to work from. Another problem is grouping R and D together into R&D, when they are separate economic activities. A third problem is confusion over what innovation actually is, and therefore how to measure it. All of these are resolved within Business Innovation Economics. But let’s start with data. It has indeed been constrained from campus access, unstructured and hidden in commercial reports; within factories, corporate offices and technical centers. However, these resources are readily available to industry insiders, and especially to innovation professionals. The result is a new database from which all of the above problems can be resolved. The consequences are profound, as the following pages will show you ...