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Penetrates to the Origins of Economic Growth in Profoundly New Ways
Business Innovation Economics
It’s apparent to most people that business innovation drives economic growth. But it's not in Economics, where the exact numerical linkage between GDP and preceding business R&D has never been uncovered, despite decades of effort. One reason is lack of business data to work from. Another is grouping Research and Development into R&D, when they are separate economic activities. A third reason is confusion over how to measure business innovation. And a fourth is how to determine the lag to GDP. Business Innovation Economics achieves what conventional wisdom prevents. How? Let’s start with data. It has indeed unconventionally constrained from campus access, unstructured and hidden in commercial reports; within factories, corporate offices and technical centers. This resource lies uniquely within the innovation professional's realm, enabling the delivery of what still evades Economics: a single economy - controlling productivity. National Systems of Innovation become measurable, comparable and improvable, with profound consequences for planning growth within any economy,