Techmatt's Curriculum Vitae
Chris Farrell Ph.D. is a practitioner and innovation professional with twenty-five years private sector experience developing and managing the creation of new products and their manufacturing technologies. Developments from his many patents have been commercialized and won awards. His contribution to polymer chain dynamics had earlier vitalized an important stream of applied physics. Patents & publicatons are listed here  He founded Technology Matters in 1999, initially to provide expert testimony in products liability lawsuits but later, in 2001, to create Right Products Today™ for NASA. An earlier technology forecast he made for American Can's corporate technology strategy brought him to the economics of innovation and the discovery of a mutual interest in using Sears Catalog data with Northwestern's Robert J. Gordon. Finding Economics's orthodoxy lacking he turned instead to the rich contributions of innovators before him summarized. He went on to discover that economic growth obeys four previously undiscovered scientific laws whose very simple algebra has been hiding in plain sight for decades. These are published in the 100 page volume Innovation in Economics Missing Pieces Chris Farrell received his B.A. in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University (Christ’s College) and his Ph.D. in Physics under Professor Andrew Keller FRS. He served on the Board of Directors for the Product Development and Management Association and on the Industry Relations Advisory Board of Northwestern University. Direct your questions to
Technology Matters Chicago (847) 255 3853