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Chris Farrell Ph.D.
Chris Farrell Ph.D. is a practitioner and an innovation professional with twenty-five years industrial experience in developing and managing the creation of new products and their manufacturing technologies. Developments from his many patents have been commercialized and won awards. He has published technical papers in the academic press and articles in magazines. At Baxter Healthcare he was the architect of a Right Products Right® process for reducing the incidence of medical device recalls. He founded Technology Matters in 1999, initially to provide expert testimony in products liability lawsuits but later, in 2001, to create Sure Products Today™ for NASA. But it was a prize-winning technology forecast he made to American Can’s corporate technology strategy that began his lifelong fascination with using mathematical methods to gain technology foresight, leading him on the path towards an interdisciplinary synthesis that makes breakthroughs where Economics has otherwise been stymied for decades. The complete scholarship is now available within the current book title 'Innovation in Economics: Missing Pieces'. He received his B.A. from Cambridge University (Christ’s College) in 1971 and his Ph.D. from Bristol University in 1977 (in Physics). He has served on the Board of Directors for the Product Development and Management Association and on the Industry Relations Advisory Board of Northwestern University. Contact him by e-mail,
Technology Matters Chicago (847) 255 3853
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